XRP Panels

Derussa Factory produces high quality building wall panels XRP®.

Building wall panels XRP (Xross Rod Panel) are innovative, concept product with huge potential on the market of gluing wood constructions.

This high technological material is suitable for territories with big climate wobbles and negative nature phenomena.

XRР-panels are three-layered cross-gluing wooden shield. Novelty is slots in the layer. All adjacent layers are glued at an angle 90°.

Стеновые панели

Companies use XRP for arrangement of carrier inner and outer walls of houses. Notches clean up inner wooden tension, which can make deformations of building materials (water and temperature).

The weight of construction is 40% less massive wood. But it has strength like a brick. That’s why builders can use it as structural frame. There is no need use complicated and expensive foundation. There is a warm in a house, because of material has air pockets.

Construction needs less glue. It has deeper impregnation fire resistant, bio resistant fluids.

The surface of XRР is ready for finish decoration. The flood is not a problem for this material.

Good air permeability guaranties lack of problems with dampness and mold. It increase the comfort of living. The houses are built very easy and quickly, because of lightness and simplicity of construction.

Стеновые панели Стеновые панели Стеновые панели
length width thickness
2900 mm 250 mm 500 mm 1000 mm 50 mm 100 mm

Video about construction of the exhibition house on the advertising platform of the dealer.